Private label skincare has changed dramatically over the past decade. Read on for a Q&A with Elle Marchese, AMP Medical Products Founder and C.O.O, for all the info you need to know about private label skincare today!

How can private label skincare help aesthetic professionals during CO-VID19?

Now more than ever, businesses need to be in control of their own brand. With the recent 30 day mandatory shutdown of all non-essential business, many solo aestheticians and medspas are feeling the financial impact of this unprecedented piece of legislation.

However, private label skincare offers aesthetic professionals a chance to keep their businesses thriving during this shutdown. A private label skincare line provides an option for your clients to purchase your skincare products online or through social media, instead of in-person treatments.

When you have your own brand, you remain in the driver’s seat!

How does AMP define private label skincare?

Our customers select AMP’s in-house, proprietary skincare products to customize with their own logo, product names, descriptions, and sometimes even custom containers and boxes to then sell to their own clientele.

Who can benefit from private labeling with AMP? 

AMP embraces a multitude of different customer types, ranging from: solo aestheticians, wax boutiques, medspas, physicians, and spa or wellness distributors. 

AMP is inclined to work with aesthetic professionals who focus on client education, effective skincare, and treating skincare concerns with the best products and protocols possible.

Any aesthetic professional who wants 100% control over their brand (where it is sold, how it is marketed, price, etc.) will benefit from working with AMP.

What makes AMP Medical Products different from other private label skincare companies?

  • AMP is a contemporary, boutique brand.  We listen closely to the market place and also offer trendier products, like our gold eye patches, sheet masks, eyelash enhancing serum, and a full range of CBD products. 
  • AMP offers the highest quality product. Our ingredients and our stock packaging is the best of the best. We offer options like silk screening, custom packaging, and even boxes to help you create a very high end, boutique look. There are no limits to customizing with us!
  • AMP is fast. We stock our products, we are not a made-to-order operation, which ensures timely delivery to you!
  • AMP does not sell to a third party retailer, so we remain in complete control of where our products are sold.  We are one of the few companies not on Amazon or Ebay.
  • AMP is here to serve you. Unlike our competitors, AMP never promotes just slapping a label on the same basic jars, without putting much thought into it. AMP is dedicated to helping you create the most customized, effective, and beautiful skincare products possible without exceeding your budget.

What kind of quality can I expect from AMP formulations?

When you work with AMP, you are also joining forces with our team of manufacturers and chemists, who work tirelessly to create and source the best, most effective ingredients available.

We work with 5 incredible U.S. based manufacturing partners,  3 of which also service the top anti-aging skincare brands and leading dermatologists in the world.  

Our advanced formulas are exclusive to us and use only the most advanced ingredients, like:

  • performance peptides
  • low irritation and high potency Retinols
  • patented and unique proprietary forms of Vitamin C
  • proprietary brightening ingredients for hyperpigmentation treatment with little downtime 
  • ultra-pure and effective CBDs
  • And many more!

How does AMP help with branding and marketing?

AMP assists all of our clients with the creation of custom branding and marketing materials. Here’s how:

  • AMP offers an in-house graphics design team – we can help with logos, branding, website photos, and more.
  • AMP offers in-house printing – we can help design, then print everything from P.O.S. displays, digital catalogs, brochures, and more.
  • AMP offers a logo generator – if you don’t have a logo, we have a user friendly logo generator to assist in the process.

Does AMP provide education and training on products?

AMP assists all of our clients with educational training on products. Here’s how:

  • AMP Educator –  she offers our customers educational support, including product training for your staff at no additional charge.
  • AMP offers discounted staff orders 2x / year – so products can be affordably introduced to the employees who are responsible for selling the line.
  • AMP Live Aestheticians – are always available to assist in an office for a protocol or procedure, or anyone seeking information on how to get started, or even just placing a quick order.

What’s the minimum SKU I have to purchase to start? Is it expensive to start my own private label skincare line?

Unlike other skincare companies, AMP has no big buy-ins or minimum purchase of SKUs to get started!

In fact, most of AMP’s customers start with 12 or 24 units of a SKU. We understand and respect that everyone has a different budget, and we want to ensure everyone’s success.

How do I get started?

Working with AMP to create your own private label skincare product line is as simple as:

  • Fill out the form at: https://www.ampmedicalproducts.com/private-label/
  • Within 24 hours, approved businesses will receive an access link to login to your “New Account Portal” 
  • Create your account 
  • Fill out our Private Label Questionnaire: choose new names, rebranding, edit directions, icons, and distributor information to ensure effective communication with a specific tribe. 
  • Approve your labels and place your first order

How soon will I receive my order?

AMP ships fast: We ship the majority of our orders within 48 hours. Some orders are even same-day, if you opt for premium labels! 

Don’t wait. Take control of your brand and begin your private label journey today!