Alisa Weiss 

Originally from Chicago, Alisa Weiss holds a Bachelors of Arts from The University of Illinois in Chicago. 

Earlier in her career, Alisa was a celebrity makeup artist working for the Estee Lauder house with their many brands. 

With an interest in Medicine, Alisa transitioned in Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales on the prescription side. She then worked in Product Management with Medical Devices & Hospital Equipment. 

In 2009, Alisa made an exciting change with following her passion in Skin Health. After receiving her California & Nevada Esthetician Licenses, Alisa worked with productive facial aesthetic brands such HydroPeptide, LLC in Education & Sales. She was the Director of Sales & Product Development for Bella Medical, LLC.(The Perfect Derma Peel in Beverly Hills). Alisa had continued success as the Practice Development Specialist for medical aesthetic devices Ultherapy & Cellfina in the Southwest with Merz Aesthetics. Currently, Alisa is the proud CEO of her own facial medical skin care brand, The Beverly Hills Facial. 

Alisa is living a dream come true and is elated to be the new Educator with AMP Medical Skin Care. She is impressed with AMP’s broad spectrum of having the highest quality in medical grade ingredients and for being the leader in Private Label Medical Skin Care.

In her free time, Alisa enjoys traveling, karaoke, and volunteering with animal rescues and charities. 


“Skin Health is forever changing. You literally have to step up on your toes to see what is innovative every second of the day as there is always something new right around the corner”

-Alisa Weiss-