“I’m delighted to announce that Hilary will be joining us as a vital member of the AMP Medical Products team. Education and customer service are top priorities for us, as we aren’t manufacturers, but in the service industry,” said Elle Marchese, Medical Aesthetician and Product Specialist for AMP Medical. “After five incredible years of growth, it was time to expand our vision, and Hilary is the perfect person to help us do that.”

In her new role as Corporate Educator, Hilary will provide training and education to corporate partners about AMP’s products, treatment protocols, and product and treatment updates. Additionally, Hilary will design teaching material and provide technical and customer service and support.

“For a quite some time I had been searching for a company that met my core values, and AMP is that perfect partner,” Hilary Crawford said. “My fascination for how skin works, what we put in our bodies, and what we use to treat our skin has taken me through a beautiful journey that brought me to my home, AMP Medical.”

Hilary is a Licensed Aesthetician and Educator who has served the aesthetics industry for over a decade. Her passion for skincare began while working in dermatology, when she knew she wanted to take a more integrative role and hands-on approach to healing the body from the inside-out.  As a native Las Vegan, Hilary went on to become a teacher at the prestigious Aveda Institute. There, she coached students to advance their skills in facials, waxing, and body treatments, as well as create strategies to achieve their retail goals, improve their customer service, and better their time management skills. 

Elle Marchese, Medical Aesthetician and Product Specialist for AMP Medical, is thrilled about the collaborative, supportive skills and energy Hilary will bring to the AMP team.

“It’s important we are accessible by having both our virtual aestheticians and someone solely focused on our customers and the needs of their individual businesses,” said Elle Marchese. 

“Our support goes beyond helping our customers develop their brand and then selling their products. We look forward to forging a trusting relationship and helping them grow every step of the way – and we know Hilary will be an invaluable resource and guide for that.”

In addition to her superior customer service and educational skills, Hilary also has a unique background in wellness and stands firmly behind the values of AMP’s Purity Pledge.

“Ayurvedic Philosophy gave me a deep understanding of taking a holistic approach to the body and mind early into my career. As an Educator, I continued to hold true to that philosophy, yet understood how quickly our industry was evolving and taking an “East meets West” approach to skin care,” Hilary Crawford said. “The AMP Purity Pledge is the difference and approach to medical grade skincare that WORKS! My intention is to bring our core values and educate the individual who wants to stand apart from the average skin care line. I want to help help you create an experience that your guest or client will not forget.”

AMP Medical Products values a holistic approach to skincare and always honors our strict Purity Pledge. Our exclusive private label formulas are always free of:


-harmful toxins

-artificial colors/FD&C free

-artificial fragrances

-synthetic chemical preservatives

-always cruelty free

-prostaglandin free

-isopropyl cloprostenate -animal or human growth factors


Plus, AMP avoids Mineral Oil and Petroleum by-products, due to their pore clogging effects and potentially toxic contaminants like (PAH’s) Hydrocarbons. 

Get in touch with Hilary

Want access to Hilary’s expert knowledge and customer/technical support?

Hilary will be available as our virtual aesthetician on our website, AMP Medical Products.

Meet Hilary at IESCC Las Vegas, June 15-17, 2019

Please stop by our skin boutique at Booth #945 at the IECSC show in Las Vegas during June 15-17, 2019 to meet Hilary and get her top product picks!

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