AMP Medical Products was featured in the January publication of Dermascope Magazine. Dermascope Magazine has been educating skin care professionals for 40 years. Established in 1972, Dermascope was the first professional skin care journal published in the United States. Dermascope magazine is a personal favorite of AMP Medical Product’s very own Corporate Aesthetician & Aesthetician Educator. Like them, many Aestheticians and Skin Care Professionals seek the expertise of the comprehensive, informative articles that cover every glossy page from cover to cover of the elegant magazine.

In the article titled “Don’t Lose Your Clients To The Internet”, AMP discuses ways of protecting your business from the professional product diversion epidemic. Offering your own medical grade private label skin care line is the best way to combat product diversion. Having full control over your products allows you to finally offer exactly what you want, without worrying about your clients using products from potentially unauthorized retailers. There is no greater investment than in your own company!

AMP Medical Grade Private Label Skin Care was once only available to dispensing physicians but as of recent, has created a special division dedicated to the needs of aesthetic professionals.

Here is a sneak peak of what you will find in the article:

“With product diversion issues on the rise in the aesthetics industry, it is more crucial than ever that we offer our clients professional products that cannot be purchased outside of a professional setting. More skin care lines are being found widely available from unauthorized online retailers and the risk of your client using an unregulated product is greater than ever. The affects of this go far beyond simply losing a sale. These products are often expired, altered, or counterfeit. If your client is unlucky enough to experience a frightful reaction to the product purchased per your recommendation, albeit from another business, their distress may result in your loss of professional credibility.

Private Label skin care is the best way to stay impervious to the current product diversion eruption in our industry and AMP Aesthetic Medical Products holds the solution. AMP’s skin care line is not available for purchase online and never will be. “

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