As the coronavirus continues to shut down businesses, many aesthetics professionals are unable to perform at-home or in-office procedures for their beloved clientele. In a similar vein, many customers are missing the healthier, more beautiful skin revealed after a facial, treatment, or post-procedure.

Luckily, aestheticians still have ways to help their clients maintain and even improve their skin during this unusual, isolating period. The solution? At home skincare kits that allow clients to do their own facials, from the comfort of their own homes.  

The glow up trend

Currently, experts estimate that at least over 500,000 consumers are currently planning how to achieve a  “glow up,” or to have better-looking skin after the quarantine. 

“Healthy citizens who are self-quarantining are searching for a distraction. What’s the light at the end of the tunnel? A “glow-up” when all is said and done… “ explains ListenFirst. “There’s a heightened social audience focus on skincare, hair care, and learning new makeup techniques, in hopes of maximizing the time spent out of the public eye.”

Skincare professionals and aestheticians can tap into this consumer desire for a glow up – and brightened up skin – by offering their clients AMP’s brand new At Home Brightening Kit.

Introducing the AMP At Home Brightening Kit

The At Home Brightening Kit is a trio of skincare products aimed at brightening and tightening the complexion, while creating a healthy, radiant glow:

Enzyme Facial Polish

Brightening C Antioxidant Serum

Glow Peel Pads

Read on for how AMP’s At Home Brightening Kit can give your consumers the glow up they want.

Facial Enzyme Polish

The perfect exfoliator for those with sensitive skin or those who want regular, gentle exfoliation. Free of spheres and particles, this self-activating exfoliator is formulated with a tropical fruit blend of papaya, pineapple, and grapefruit enzymes that gently slough off dead skin and reveal a fresher, glowing complexion.

Our Enzyme Facial Polish reveals smoother, softer skin with:

CBD Oil – this trending anti-inflammatory oil, derived from the cannabis plant, combats acne, reduces oils, and helps skin retain moisture.

Sodium hyaluronate – this small molecule is easily able to penetrate the skin and provide moisture, hydration, and create plumper looking skin.

Glycosaminoglycans – these polysaccharides can bind up to nearly 1000 times their weight in water, and support collagen and elastin production, two proteins critical for firm skin.

Brightening C Antioxidant Serum

Our Brightening C Antioxidant Complex is a highly absorbable, high potency aqueous formulation that helps to protect the skin from environmental damage, neutralizes free radicals, and brightens the entire complexion.

The Brightening C Antioxidant Serum improves tone and supports firm, tighter skin with:

Vitamin C – in the form of L Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C brightens the complexion, reduces hyperpigmentation, and supports collagen synthesis, the building block of the skin.

Ferulic Acid – this powerful phytochemical antioxidant boosts the brightening power of Vitamin C and stabilizes the fragile ingredient for optimal results, faster. 

Natural sunscreen properties – Additionally, ferulic acid is endowed with a high UV absorbing capabilities, and has been approved in Japan as a natural sunscreen.

Glow Peel Pads

Our Glow Peel Pads use a six acid delivery system to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and scars. These pads deliver a major glow up with an enhancement of botanical extracts, including:

Japanese Green Tea – packed with the antioxidant EGCG, this extract helps protect the skin from UV ray damage.

Certified Organic Aloe – this anti-inflammatory plant moisturizes and soothes dry and damaged skin.

Centella Asiatica – the Asian longevity herb, used in Ayurvedic Medicine, contains triterpenoids that stimulate the production of collagen.

Niacinamide – increases ceramides and free fatty acid levels in the skin, for less visible fine lines and wrinkles.

Glow Peel Pads also harness the power of the most effective, scientifically researched acids to brighten the skin, including: 

Trichloroacetic Acid – treats skin discoloration, and reduces the depth and width of scars and wrinkles.

Salicylic Acid   fights bacteria, reduces inflammation, and unclogs pores. A master acne combatant.

Glycolic Acid – derived from sugar cane, this acid dissolves dead skin and rapidly exfoliates the surface of the skin.

Mandelic Acid – excellent for anti-aging help, mandelic acids accelerates cell turnover and sheds off dead, dull skin cells for an instantly brighter complexion.

Lactic Acid – tames hyperpigmentation, age spots, and reduces pore size.

Phytic Acid – a plant-based antioxidant that fights free radical and creates a more even skin tone.

The appeal of at-home kits

While the coronavirus might make in-office visits and procedures impossible right now, the AMP Brightening Kit offers a two-fold solution to aestheticians and their clientele.

Skincare professionals can continue to support their business and their customers with these brightening kits, while consumers can create the glowing skin they want – from their safety of their own homes.

“The At Home Brightening Kits have really been a lifesaver during this difficult time,” Elle Marchese, AMP Medical Products Founder and C.O.O says. “The kits help out aestheticans and skincare professionals while also bringing some fun into customer’s daily routines at home. Since the recent launch, the At Home Brightening Kits have been wildly popular, with customers already reordering.”

Skincare professionals are selling the At Home Brightening Kit and even custom variations of it to their own clientele in a multitude of innovative ways, including social media, personal websites, and Facebook Live and Instagram Live demonstrations.

For professionals looking to support their business and clients during this current crisis, at home skincare kits like the AMP At Home Brightening Kit are the perfect solution.

Want to try our At Home Brightening Kit?

AMP is proud to offer our At Home Brightening Kit for all of our customers. The kits can be customized to suit your specific needs regarding product options and budgets. There are zero buy-ins and we are shipping these custom at home kits in just 3 to 4 business days!

To learn more about creating your own private label skincare products, call AMP today at 1-844-AMP-SKIN or visit www.ampmedicalproducts.com

Learn more about the AMP Brightening Kit here: https://www.ampmedicalproducts.com/catalog/?&SingleProduct=31