Company Info

What information do you want listed on the back of product, under the ingredients section (on all labels). Complete which info you would like to include.

Please take into consideration that certain products won't be able to fit all of your company info depending on what you want.
(e.g. Cleanser labels have more space while a Lip Balm label has limited space.)
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
If you have Barcodes, compress them into a single file folder and upload it here.
Please properly name each Barcode file in your compressed folder to the corresponding product.

Design Info

CMYK vs RGB and Pantone Colors
Our presses handle CMYK mode only - all RGB images will be converted to CMYK, which can cause extreme shifts in color.
All Pantone colors that you submit will be converted to their CMYK equivalents.

Gold & Silver
We do not print Metallic Gold or Silver with In-House Labels.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
For unique fonts you prefer to use, please upload the font files.
(For Example: Common Font: Arial / Unique Font: Belleza)
Font file formats: (.otf, .ttf)

We do not have every font.
We ask that you upload your fonts. Any fonts that requires us to search for and purchase will be added to your invoice.

Please compress your fonts into a single file folder before uploading.
In-House Labels are included with all stocked products.
Premium Labels (minimum 500 labels).
Silk Screen (minimum approximately 500 units).

Select your products, complete product names, description and direction information

Product you would like to private label.
Leave blank if you would like to use AMP's product name.
Under the product name, front of label.
Leave blank to use AMP’s product description.
ex. "For All Skin Type","For Oily/Combination Skin Type","For Sensitive Skin". On back of label. *Optional.
Mark which symbols you would like to include. *Optional

*The customer code/product code is required on all labels, and cannot be removed under any circumstance. This will be listed with your company information on the back/bottom of the label.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that you are not infringing on another company’s trademark name!