Developing private label skin care to dispensing physicians world-wide. Clinically proven pharmaceutical grade formulations. USA.
No parabens or other harmful toxins, completely free of artificial colors, fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives and are cruelty free.


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Microneedling PRP for the skin

ACTIVE INGREDIENT:  Hyaluronic Acid Copper Peptides

Hydracell+ 1.75 oz/8 oz – (Post-Treatment)

Hydracell+ Mask – (Treatment/Post-Treatment)

Hydracell+ Gold Mask – (Post-Treatment)

Peptide Hydrator – (Treatment)

Meluma Peel – (Treatment)

Chemical Peels

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Azelaic, Lactic, Phytic, Mandelic Acid Kojic Acid, Arbutin, Ascorbyl Linoleate Trichloroacetic Acid

Meluma Peel – (Treatment)

Meluma MD Peel – (Treatment)

Glow Peel Pads – (Treatment)

Dermaplaning Microdermabrasion

ACTIVE INGREDIENT:  Arbutin, Ascorbic Kojic and Phytic Acid Salicylic Glycolic and Lactic Acid

Skin Brightenning Pads – (Treatment/Post-Treatment)

Multi-Acid Exfoliating Pads – (Treatment/Post-Treatment)

Ablative Laser Neuromodulators and Fillers

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Hydrocortisone 2%,Ginger Root, Evodiox, Arnica, Zinc and Copper Peptides Vitamin C, Peptides, Sun Flower Oil

Sensitive Soothing Balm – (Post-Treatment)

Sensitive Foaming Cleanser – (Post-Treatment)

Hydracell+ 1.75 oz/8 oz – (Post-Treatment)

Peptide C Gel – (Post-Treatment)

Facial & Body Massage

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Vitamin C, Peptides, Sun Flower Oil Peptides, Probiotics, Sandalwood, Copper Peptides, Stem Cells*, Avocado Oil Superfood Complex, Cermides, Rosehip

Peptide C Gel – (Treatment)

Restoration Neck Cream – (Treatment/Post-Treatment)

DNA Repair Cream – (Treatment/Post-Treatment)

DNA Body Cream – (Treatment/Post-Treatment)

AMP Medical Products is a developer of advanced medical grade skin care products.  As a developer, we make it our mission to continuously innovate new niche products by partnering with the most cutting edge laboratories to ensure the success of our clients.  We are not a one lab fits all supplier.  Our creative and research/development teams are highly motivated to create both in-house proprietary products and custom formulations based on the latest skin care technology and purest medical grade ingredients that are clinically proven for the results driven patient.  Our holistic approach, careful attention to detail and exclusive access to our labs will bring your new product or product line to fruition.  We are the “boutique” private label skin care source.















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