Start Your Own Private Label Skincare Line with AMP Medical Products


March 15, 2018

We can all remember some of the good values we were taught in school: be polite; pay attention to your teacher; and don’t pay anyone else to do your homework for you because, well, that’s cheating.

In a time when we were supposed to be getting an education and expanding our minds, those were certainly legitimate values to possess.  But, now, in a time when we are busy treating patients, running businesses, and managing our own lives, one of those values is amiss.

Yes, now that we are adults working in the business of aesthetics, med spas, and medicine, it is perfectly acceptable to pay someone else to do your homework.  What’s more is that it is also perfectly acceptable to make money off of someone else doing your homework for you!

Not only is it acceptable and monetizable, we have a term for it which epitomizes it in our industry and the simple act of doing it can thrust you ahead of your competitors by leaps and bounds.  That term is private labeling.  And the company that’s already done your homework for you is AMP Medical Products located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is Private Labeling?

Private label products are produced by one company but packaged and sold under another company’s own brand name.  Simply put, that means AMP Medical Products will do your homework for you by researching, developing, and manufacturing multiple skincare products.  Then you can put your name and logo on whichever products you choose and sell them to your loyal customers for profit.  Easy!

Benefits of Private Labeling with AMP

  • Somebody Has Already Done the Work for You. Not just somebody, but brilliant chemists and a top notch R&D team!  Most people don’t have the appropriate education or understanding of the specific interactions and implications of all the various ingredients in skincare products.  AMP’s chemists have spent years formulating the best combinations of ingredients used to make their products.  What’s more, AMP’s R&D team is highly motivated to create both in-house proprietary products and custom formulations based on the latest skincare technology and purest medical grade ingredients that are clinically proven to give results.


  • It’s Time & Cost Effective. AMP has proven expertise in product development and sophisticated product production processes. And because the work has already been done, private labeling saves you time and allows your brand to maintain competitive pricing and give your leading competitors a run for their money.  Simply put, there’s less cost and less hassle, so you’ll see a faster speed to market and will see a bigger ROI much sooner than creating and manufacturing a skincare product on your own.  Private labeling just makes good economic and strategic sense!


  • It’s an Easy Process. When you decide to private label with AMP, one of their knowledgeable representatives will guide you through product selection to ensure they are catering to the demographics of your target market.  After your products have been sampled, tested, and selected, the label design process begins.  AMP has gifted, full-time designers on staff with branding and package design expertise.  They can incorporate your current name and logo or help you create a brand from the ground up.  Once you approve the label, they are printed, affixed to your selected products, and shipped.  Products arrive at your door ready to sell!  According to AMP client, K.M.S., “I worked with a different private label company who, after eight weeks, delivered my product with mistakes and then refused to correct it.  With AMP, my experience was much different.  They were able to deliver my private label product in a week.  And their integrity of service and quality of product can’t be beat!”


  • Service, Quality, & Dependability. AMP customers can’t say enough good things about their company.  Samantha Blakeney, VP Business Development & Marketing at VLS Pharmacy & New Drug Loft, says, “AMP is a wonderful company with great, effective and beautiful products. The leadership team is exceptional because they handle clients with care and treat staff like family. From an operations perspective to a quality control standpoint, AMP doesn’t have competition. I have worked in this space for many years and most facilities can’t seem to get it right. AMP is the company to look out for…they are doing great things and are changing the way people think about private label.”