Chemical peels are another method of rejuvenating skin that often don’t require much downtime. A method of exfoliating the skin using natural and synthetic acids as well as other ingredients, chemical peels can help even skin tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

“Since people are outdoors during summer, we like to recommend a light chemical peel,” says Nicki Miler, Skincare Specialist at Audubon Dermatology. Since stronger peels require a bit more down time (usually due to post-treatment flaky, dry skin), they’re usually more popular later in the year. According to Miler, light peels require little-to-no downtime, and for oilier skin, she recommends a beta peel, which can be done any time.

In addition to peels, Miler is a big fan of AMP Glow Peel Pads, a new anti-aging product sold only by physicians and intended for use twice a week. A six-acid blend works in combination with vitamin B3, aloe vera and green tea. A true anti-aging treatment, the product works for both correction and damage-prevention and gives its user a nice glow.